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1000 Drawings Amsterdam

1000 Drawings Amsterdam is a great initiative to fund raise money to help the children in the Bonnytoun Prison in South Africa, a project by Young in Prison, who offer education and creative workshops to help them return into society with prospects for a better future.

1000 Drawings Amsterdam is a creative platform that collects and sells 1000s of A5 drawings from and to everybody who loves to support the good cause and a unique, interactive stage for artistic talents. The only thing they need is for you to draw anything with anything on a piece of A5 paper. All of the 1000 drawings are being sold for 10 Euro a piece to raise money.

Get your crayons, spray cans or anything else and contribute to this super initiative. Send your drawing to postal address:

1000 Drawings
Postbus 92292
1090 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

This amazing event takes place on 3 march from 20:00 to 01:00 hour in Trouw, Wibautstraat 127 in Amsterdam.

Be there!

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