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A Day At The Stedelijk Museum With The MIX

Today we went for some art history lessons to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. It showcased: Temporary Stedelijk 2, which focuses on the renowned collection of modern and contemporary art and design. Selections from their rich collection are presented in innovative ways within the current conditions of the building, called: ‘Making Histories: Changing Views of the Collection’.

We all stepped into the light when we entered the sanctum of all the legendary artists.

The entrance hall displayed a poster collection from the beginning of the museum until now. It was fascinated to see how the entrance fee kept raising from free entrance until the recent price we pay to get in.

Ralph de Lange was our personal tour guide; leading us through the museum.

It was fun to see how some of the students interpreted the pieces in a completely different way.

Some times we just could not figure it out. What made it extra fascinated to interpret your own idea.

You could also see pictures from the Stedelijk Museum and the people who visited many years ago. One thing that caught my interest was that 50 years back a lot of men and children wore suits to the museum.

I personally liked these two paintings. It looked like some graffiti lettering from the 70’s.

In the book store from the museum there was a book with birds from all over the globe. Every page had a different bird with a different song. Ralph and a couple of the students made some of the staff crazy with all the bird songs.

For some unexplainable reason I saw two familiar faces on this computer screen when I passed by this room. Strange!

In short, we had an educational and fun excursion to the Stedelijk Museum. Me and the students all learned a lot and got really inspired.

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