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Rokin’SummerSchool – Masterclass: Where music meets the arts

What kind of event?
16 to 20 participants make in a 7 day event a magazine / publication of music and artwork with an exhibit through presentation with performances. The project’s can be followed online daily. The morning is used for input and master classes from young professionals, in the afternoon and evening there will be worked independently under professional guidance. After the end of the week there is a production time of 2 weeks, and then the presentation will take place at a prominent location.

Target: crossover and collaboration with a presentation and a exhibition.

Presentation: Online and offline.

Exhibition: Prominent location.

Organizers: Het IJzeren Gordijn & MIXacademy.

Partners: Streetrockaz

Costs: € 398,00 p.p.

Time: Week 30.

Sampling – Beat creating – Recording of vocalists.

Everyday an image – Show yourself in the streets – Work as a collective.


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