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Connecting with other countries in a Dutch landscaped culture summer course

Door Ralph de Lange

5-days, weekly and weekend programs from July 2- 20.
In close cooperation with Mix Art Academy.

We have developed an art-history study and practical experience based painting, drawing or photography creative program for foreigners, expats and Dutch art interested.
Connecting other cultures with the Dutch cultural contemporain Museum and landscapes.

You will visit a variety of art hotspot places, galleries, museums and workshop facilities.
Sign up or ask for a detailed program. Tailor-made programs favorable.

Daily schedule:

9:00:00 AM Gathering
10:00:00 AM Museum/ gallery visit – Van Gogh, Eye, Kroller Moller, Kranenburg, Centraal, Bonnefanten, Mauritshuis,Boymans

12:00:00 AM Lunch

1:00:00 PM Painting/ Sketching/ Design/ visits at different locations, incl. Old historical city.
4:00:00 PM Continuation of class.Talks with speaker

6:00:00 PM Finish class, dinner, and evening program only on Monday and Thursday till 10PM

MIX ACADEMY summer course

The summercourse main topic is what do the visiting art student want to learn? What they want to know is the base of the programme every day. The course is very interactive with the teacher. Q and A about everything they are interested in. The roadmap to understand Amsterdam culture will be chronologic. First 17 th century , then 19th, then 20 th, then the 2000- 2016 artist and Gallerys. The core of the programme is the tailormade approach of the Chinese art students interest. Making notes, finding answers, writing a paper about their findings. Getting to understand the roadmap and it’s content by finding out together instead of just listening to the teacher. Interactive is the word for understanding and learning. The MIX method is always: to find out your own interest in art and culture.
The programme can be changed if there are certain needs of knowledge and interest within the group. It is not fixed but more a guideline of the programm which will evolve during the 5 days. Center of the week is the Golden age towards Amsterdam high profile modern city.

Day 1 In the morning visiting the MIX academy. Explaining what we are going to explore. Why they are here? After lunch visiting the city culture through a visit to several Amsterdam 17 century houses explaining the start of Amsterdam Golden age. Van Loon, Rembrandthuis. Explaining and looking at the canals. Center of the city Town hall and the Nieuwe kerk visit. Berlage building, Warmoestraat. Visit W139 art show.

Day 2 Rijksmuseum visit to see the highlights of dutch 17 century paintings. Questions about what’s on the paintings. How the paintings are made. What they like – interactive classes. Q and A about everything they are interested in. The core of the programme is the tailormade approach of the Chinese art students interest. Making notes, finding answers, writing a paper about their findings.

Day 3 Nineteen Century Amsterdam. Visiting the new world of catholic Amsterdam. Churches Nieuwe Kerk, Oude kerk with art exhibtions in the churches. Also getting to know the way Amsterdam worked in those days by paintings in buildings of Cuypers. Vondelpark lunch. Afternoon at the Van Gogh museum for the painting of the end of the 19 th century leading towards modern art.

Day 4 Morning: Moco (contemporary art) or Foam (photography) museum in Amsterdam depending on their interest. 1950 – 2016 Modern art in the Netherlands. Afternoon; Stedelijk museum. Modern art.

Day 5 Gallery visits to see what the art world is in 2016 in Amsterdam. Q and A about the paintings we will see. Visiting an artist collective place where there are a lot of painters and sculptors. Final summary of the week closure with the questions about our the dutch culture and the accordance with the chinese artists now.

If there is a lot of interest in Modern art we can skip day 3 morning program and split day 5 in two sections, so there will be more time for understanding the modern art. Visit the collective space for artist will go to day 3.

Every day will be 8 hours of art talk and walk. Inclusive one hour lunch.
Morning programm from 9 to 1 hours. Lunchbreak 1 to 2.
Afternoon programm from 2 to 6 hours.
The costs of the week will be E 2500,=.
Hotel, train, metro, lunch or entrance of musea not included.
Art classes by Ralph de Lange – the Mix Art Academy ,

5 day midweek course
Monday July 9 Friday July 13

1 week course
Monday July 9 Sunday July 15

10 day course (2 x 5)
Monday July 9 Friday July 13

2 week course
Monday July 2 Sunday July 15

weekend only course
Saturday July 14 Sunday July 15

ask for TAYLOR MADE programs
mail Ralph de Lange :

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