Wat studeer je op de MIX ?

Mix punt org Mentality – Identity – Expectation Instituut voor Verdieping Platform voor de beeldende kunst waar de eigenheid centraal staat. Multi disciplinair, interdisciplinair en internationaal. Centraal in dit platform staat de vraag : Wie ben je ? Wat wil je ? Waar wil je naar toe ? Authenticiteit – identiteit – eigenheid versus context. Onder de... Read More


  CALL FOR INFORMATION  +31206731653  or +31627097546 VISIE Studenten als volwaardig professional in drie jaar tijd afleveren. Maatschappelijk betrokken studenten. Verschillende culturen/ nationaliteiten verenigen in persoonlijke zoektocht naar True Self/ het hart/de identiteit in beeldtaal en analyse. Authenticiteit leren dmv begeleidende coaching. EDUCATIE SYSTEEM Docenten... Read More


OPEN DAGEN MIX geen vaste data alleen op afspraak. CALL FOR INFO and APPOINTMENT  OPEN ACADEMY+31627097546  Read More

Bureau Jeugdzorg assignment for MIXstudents wallpapers

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Part time final results

The part time course is the search for your own style in 30 lessons in one year. This will be held on Friday or Saturday during the year. The focus is on the development of one’s own style and discipline. Painting, photography, collages, installations, video, drawing or whatever kind of expression you want to make. There is no entrance needed in education level only in creativity... Read More

MIX talents 2011

Mix ended schoolyear 2010 -2011 with a exposition @ Rokin 75. Great artworks – OWN STYLE >> TRUE SELF – with a lot of soul in it and more expression through Visual Culture. CHECK IT OUT !!!   to enlarge the work click on the foto > click again !!  Read More

Exhibition Genius without Talent

16 Jul — 2 Oct 2011 de Appel Boys’ School   Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 59 New Entrance at the Ferdinand Bolstraat! (around the corner) (tram 16 or 24, stop Stadhouderskade) We live in a world in which the boundaries between expertise and amateurism become increasingly vague and transparent. On the one hand it is as though user-generated content has... Read More

MIXacademy presents exposition: Art in Soup

The MIXacademy presents: an exposition made and held by our students, called: Art in Soup. The expo shows the versatility of the different creative minds within the academy. The expositions contains a MIXture of various styles and disciplines which they developed in the school. All our full-time, first and second year students will display their own style, what will result in expositions... Read More

Rokin’SummerSchool – Masterclass: Where music meets the arts

What kind of event? 16 to 20 participants make in a 7 day event a magazine / publication of music and artwork with an exhibit through presentation with performances. The project’s can be followed online daily. The morning is used for input and master classes from young professionals, in the afternoon and evening there will be worked independently under professional guidance.... Read More

MIXacademy Open day the 27th of March

The MIXacademy opens its doors once again. On the 27th of March we are having our next open day. We open our doors for everybody who is interested in learning various disciplines of art. The open door day is for both full-time and part-time students. In the open day visitors get the chance to talk to other future artists(students), renowned artists(teachers) and the director. We... Read More