Amsterdamse Kunst Academie

Course information

The three year program for the day time and the four year program for the part time courses are centralized round the theme of your own style. We are searching towards the deeper layers inside your art work to understand better who you are and to be more aware of what you are made of. This is the central question.

FULL TIME : Monday to Thursday from 10 to 4.  In workshops which takes place on one day in the week for 5 weeks long, the study will be of a ceratin interest which is put in to the workshop. For example : illustration. Graphic design, art, fashion design, pattern design, product design, 3-d art, digital art etc . There will be any other day an other workshop  with the same theme. Themes will be during the year : Reality – Fake, Expression – fantasy, Abstaction – meaning, Concept – ideas, Experimental – programming, branding – interdependence. Costs for one year study E 4000,=

PART TIME : Friday and Saturday from 10 to 5. Gropus will be made for one or two parts of a day. Together with a specialized teacher you will learn a specific part of the art world’s ingredients. 2-d art, 3-d art, photography, drawing, collages, illustration, computer art. The aim is to finish with a own specific style in which you can finf who you really are on he edge to make a professional living with your arts. Costs for one year study E 1000,=

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