Amsterdamse Kunst Academie


The part time program is a four year study. It is about the awareness and analytical study to develop your own style of making art.The study contains drawing and painting, working with 3 -D, video, photography and with the implemen- tation of several disciplines and several other materials you need for expressing your way of art making.The aim is to get closer to one’s true self throughout the study of four years. Everybody is unique and will shine through using their own creativity. Students will leave the MIX as a professional with a specific style and the opportunity to make their own exhibition.

To attend the part time classes, you have to be at least 20 years old.



  • Find and develop your own specific style during a four year program.
  • Professional education from a six renowned art teachers.
  • 30 workshops from 3 hours a year.
  • Four year study.
  • No exclusions on base of preparation education.
  • Portfolio/website and network building.
  • Lesson on a higher vocational education level.
  • Private art school.
  • Workshops in different disciplines: visual arts/ 2D – 3D/ painting/ drawing/ photography and collages.
  • The price for one year study is E 1000,=. Materials are not included. Laptop is necessary.























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