Amsterdamse Kunst Academie


Mission statement

The MIXacademy facilitates the discovery of the students ‘true self’ and guides the development of their own style trough education, aiming to leave each student with the ability to make a living as an artist. To be creative form within, not to enforce upon, but using what is already there and focusing on your strength.

The MIX core values are based upon a mentality of a new created self. Developing as a creative person ready to start a career as an independent artist with the needed eXpression and openness to the world.

Artists need to be entrepreneurs in order to reach their public. It is important during your studies to create the needed relationships with other artists. Whether building your professional network or even encountering the needed people to build the creative organization of your dreams, the MIX facilitates these connections. Take your first steps at the MIX to become a professional entrepreneur.

Everybody with the right Mentality and creative skills van attend the three year education. The MIX academy offers programs in fine art, media design, games and commercial art. The MIX is internationally oriented and allows everybody with talent to sign in for an application even without a previous study.

Foreign student can also attend the MIX.


Zeitgeist of today – slash generation – complex / intelligent / mix of styles
Excellent way of guidance – custom – study high and low culture

Typical MIX students
Be yourself and becoming mature.
Solid form of guidance
Inquisitive – a purpose in life.
Passionate about their craft.
Pliable but not fittable in society.
Work Together / less static

Think in possibilities

Form creativity into cash: Creative Entrepreneurship: you must now get to work, start a business

Do not think in problems

Socially involved students

Education System

1. Starting from a visual way of seeing / thinking / perception. Curious towards the world
2. Identity – a result of what you do for the right reasons to come to develop in society!
3. End result, concept, implementation and economic objective
4. Slash generation training to creative entrepreneur
5. Visual culture
6. Tailor made with regard to the occupation
7. Partnerships with other organizations
8. Innovative / Peer Learning: Learn from your equal
9. No prior education
10. Multi-Discipline

Explore your creative mind and find your ┬┤TRUE SELF┬┤ at MIX Academy

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