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Drawing is the key factor for all creativity.

The use of all possible techniques such as photography, media, drawings and installations are investigated in the Mix classes. It is an interdisciplinary study of creativity that combines all different techniques. The student is required to make a choice between one or more of the techniques in his assignments.

First year

The various classes in the first course year have a broad approach. You will start with an idea a
development of your own style. Students can make their own type of work in several studies during the first year. These studies are explored in a wide range of visual art disciplines through assignments, presentations and discussions of progress.

Technical instruction is given in painting, drawing, graphics, animation, 2D forms, 3D forms, photography and working with the computer. The subjects are all in the field of human modern interests: globalisation, change, visual culture, multi media, MY idea, culture- nature, Impossible is nothing etc. The course consists of clusters of 3 to 5 weeks which are given by different teachers on various subjects . The class takes up one whole day with one teacher. The teacher will work with the students in a project for 5 days. Visits to the museum, gallery, movie or theatre as a day excursion are part of the program.

At the end of the first year, you have to decide the direction in which you wish to proceed.

 A presentation and evaluation with a rapport will conclude the semesters.

Second year

During the second course year the student’s individual language to express becomes the main study. In this course the emphasis is put on your true self. The student is stimulated to discover what disciplines they want to study by means of experimentation and to find his/her extremes in the expression within the field of their own style and capabilities. It is about finding their own world of expression.

Drawings/ illustration/ painting/ photography/ installation / designing and all other methods of creation. In the second term you go into greater depth in the areas of your own specific way of thinking and the specific method of working.

Third year

During the third course year it is obligatory for the first semester to find a internship in the creative
field of your choice. During the second semester you focus on your chosen specialization and you describe what your work is all about and how you will get the work for your living. This paper, a public presentation, and a personal website are all elements of your final examination. The MIX maintains contact with commercial creative industry for the purpose of allowing the students to get their work out in public.

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