Amsterdamse Kunst Academie


The MIX is situated in the heart of Amsterdam in a open source studio on the first floor of the Rokin 75. The study is all around the city. We go to parks, Musea, other institutes, other places to do research such as the OBA and places to make photography. The space where we work in is 100 m2 on the first floor of a large building with all kinds of creative business. The MIX has it’s own specific way of teaching with teachers from all around the world. All teachers have experiences at other HBO study’s in Holland such as the Rietveld, HKU, AHK, Den Bosch, Willem de Kooning and others. MIX want to gather all the wisdom of all seperate studies throughout the educational programs of the regular systems. We work multi disciplined with the core of your own style. We work together in projects with Id&T, Brakke Grond, Brueau Jeugdzorg among others. The emphasis during the study is : How can we make money with our creative outcome ?

CALL FOR INFORMATION  +31206731653  or +31627097546

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