Amsterdamse Kunst Academie


First year – drawing

The first year is all about the study of the technique of all sorts of drawing. Several aspects of choosing subject, materials and image making will pass by during the study. Observation, the use of photography, classic study and the ability to experiment in the modern way of making art are all fields of interest and study. In the second part the development of ideas and how to translate it through creative means in to a flat surface. In the second part, the developing of the ideas and the modern form data becomes flattened studied on it area. The student gets insight in line lining, form and composition, depth working in realism and in abstraction.

Second year – realism

In the second year, the recognizable art stands centrally. All forms from the 20th century as realism, impressionism, expressionism, magic realism, surrealism and photograph realism. The study will treat the techniques that are necessarily to make a recognizable painting. An image can come on many manners till position. The chosen content, that forms the background of the own subjects, are the basis of the third year study.

Third year – modern

In the third year, the study is about further development of the skills and knowledge of the extensive possibilities of modern art, particularly in the field of painting. The lessons give a insight in the modern movement from visual arts. The artistic experiments together with the investigation of the modern technique is a core element of the third year. The research of a own picked theme will eventually result in own original artwork. The study gives except of a better understanding in the contemporary art also a better understanding in your personality and personal way of creating art.

Fourth year – your own style

The fourth year consists of the developing and finishing off an own style. Armed with many examples from modern painters, the instructor provides a work spot by which the depth of the work gets examined through freedom of technique and analysis of subject choice. The knowledges over the made art work is leading in the search to a personal style. This will lead to in an end presentation of high-quality paintings that will be a step towards a professional approach of the profession. The academy will be rounded off with a diploma.

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