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The MIX has a full time study for students from sixteen to twenty-six years of age who want to make a living out of art. The focus of the study is to find and develop your own specific style. There is a heavy emphasis on making a living out of your talents as a creative designer.

Full time study, in short:

- Find and develop your own specific style during a three year program.
- Earning while learning; make money with your artwork.
- Mentality as a base of success.
- Professional art education by 15 teachers.
- Workshops of 5 lessons in different disciplines: Illustration, pattern design, graphic design, animation,film, photography and branding.
- No exclusions on base of preparation education.
- Portfolio/website and network building.
- Private art school includes no study finance means no  study debt.


IN ONE YEAR you will get 6 disciplines.

The only thing you have to worry about is your own style in action and in text.

Disciplines are  painting / drawing / photography / 3 -d installation / illustration / graphics / productdesign.

First year you develop your style. Try to understand what you do.

Second year you will get closer to your qualities – and narrow down your disciplines and style.

Third year you will specialise all you did the last two years in a sublime ending with events and top down promotion of your skills in making and branding.

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