Artist hand-draws his Guiness World Record mission of his black market collection

Inspired by a Guinness Book of World Records entry for the largest collection of cigarette rolling papers, Toronto-based artist Allister Lee of Studio B.I.B decided it was time to set a goal for himself and started collecting black markers. To “mark” the 500th acquisition in this graffiti-culture obsession, and midpoint to his overall goal (and hopefully Guinness record!), he’s released a hand-drawn print that shows the complete... Read More

Kroonjuwelen – Hard Times, Good Times, Better Times

Kroonjuwelen – Hard Times, Good Times, Better Times is a documentary about the history and up rise of the graffiti scene here in Amsterdam. It takes us all the way back to 1978 when the first writers took form in the punk scene and started writing there frustration about the government on walls in Amsterdam. After the punk scene started to fall off a new scene from New York evolved in Amsterdam. The hip hop scene with graffiti as an element... Read More