Amsterdamse Kunst Academie


The team of teachers are all working in the field of their own speciality. The competence of the teachers contents his own professional careers as an artist. The disciplines in teaching are all given by specialists.

Painting – drawing

Ralph de Lange             

Leslie Browne                


Ariel Zachor                   

Jimmy Rage                   

Omar Pasha                   

Ruud Lanfermeyer        


Frits Berends                  

Barbara van Ittersum    

Sabrina van den Heuvel

Graphic/media design

Boris Thorbecke              

Remco Swart                    

Pinar &Viola                    

Conceptual art

Marcel de Buck                

Ariel Zachor                     


Merel Boers                      

Petra Lunenburg             

Noelle Smit                       


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