Amsterdamse Kunst Academie


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The course main topic is what does the visiting art student want to learn?

What they want to know is the base of the program every day. The course is very interactive with the teacher. Q and A about everything they are interested in. The roadmap to understand Amsterdam culture. The core of the program is the tailor made approach of the art students interest. Making notes, finding answers, writing a paper about their findings. Getting to understand the roadmap and it’s content by finding out together instead of just listening to the teacher. Interactive is the word for understanding and learning.
The MIX method is: to find out your own interest in art and culture.

The program can be changed if there are certain needs of knowledge and interest within the group. It is not fixed but more a guideline of the program which will evolve during the year. Center of the study is to find your own unique style, the message you want to get across and the branding of your own place in art and culture.

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