Amsterdamse Kunst Academie

Ralph de Lange



Founder/ Creative director Mixacademy, a professional artist in painting, photography.

Started a private art school in 2000 called MIX. Mentality – Identity- Xpectation. The search for True Self through art education – Your own style in creativity.
A school for entrepreneurs in art. MIX is a multi-disciplined study in a.o. art/Illustration/multimedia design/game design/animation/photography/short film.
MIX combines High and Low art in it’s the curriculum.

Mentality Identity eXpectation

Artist in painting since 1987. Working on large scale paintings of 2 by 4,5 meters with the theme: Paradox of desire.
Combining photography and collages in research between movie and painting. Storytelling without the means of time but captured in time.
Making innovative educating art programs, art teacher, coaching artist in branding, skills, authentic way.

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